Interviews (audio)

Peter Roth – New York – Energy Stew – December 27, 2019
Donald Hoffman’s “conscious agents;” split-brain research; fusion of conscious agents; Whitehead; Gurdjieff; David Bohm ; Stephen Hawking ; Actual Entities; “drops of experience” in panpsychism; John Lilly; sensory deprivation chambers for contemplation; how to perceive in a new way; activating supersensible perception; neuroplasticity; reprogramming the mind’s sensory systems; quantum dynamics
Next morning’s detailed account of ingesting the organic entheogen (psychotropic) ayahuasca during a traditional ceremony under guidance of a shaman at night in a northern California forest near Sebastipol.
Peter Roth (New York) 3rd interview on Energy Stew Radio Friday Sep. 27, 2019
–>Steiner’s three modes of thinking; three psychophysiological systems in the body.
–>These three modes he terms: Active, Emotional, and Intuitive Thinking
–>Imbalance of the modern education which develops only, “active thinking”
–>Intuitive (inner) thinking to communicate with interior worlds
–>Seven dimensions beyond spacetime are located in Bohm’s “implicate order”
–>The implicate order is not remote, it is everywhere within, at the center
–>The implicate order can be explored through meditation
–>The holoplenum is a system of three-dimensional pixels in spacetime
–> The holoplenum consists of micro-blackholes from which spacetime is projected
–>Through silent meditation one can contact one’s frequency doppleganger

Sheryl Sitts – Exploring Possibilities  podcast
Sunday November 17, 2019
Nancy’s Bookshelf – NPR interview with Nancy Wiegman
Developing Supersensible Perception – Friday, July 26, 2019
Unity Radio Show interview
Tuesday, October 29, 2019
October 6, 2019 interview as guest on 21st Century Radio with Dr. Zohara Hieronimus
–>Guirdjieff’s teaching; Ouspensky-> In Search of the Miraculous; quieting the mind to hear the Silence
–>Geometry of Consciousness and need to begin to control active thoughts through various practices
–>How the traditional yogic “chakras” act as distributed brain-minds that can be harnessed for intuitive perception
Michael Kokal – 2nd End of the Road podcast
Monday, August 12, 2019
Peter Roth (New York) 2nd interview on Heart River/Energy Stew Radio Saturday Aug. 11, 2019
Peter Roth (New York) interview on Heart River/Energy Stew Radio Tuesday August 6, 2019
The Dr. Pat Show (Seattle) – Transformation Talk Radio
Tuesday, July 30, 2019
Jill Hanson – QPScience – Topic: Holonomic Brain Theory and the Implicate Order
July 21, 2017
Jason Zuk – The Social Psychic Radio Show (Florida)
Thursday, August 15, 2019
The Dr. Joyce Show (Voice of America – Dallas) – Nourishment of the Spirit
Michael Kokal – End of the Road podcast
Tuesday, August 6, 2019
Karen Tate – Voices of the Sacred Feminine
Monday, December 30, 2019