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Shelli Renee Joye (Shelli Joye) on contemplative icon painting retreat in Grande Cotau Lousiana

Doctoral Dissertation :
The Pribram-Bohm Holoflux Theory of Consciousness:
An Integral Interpretation of the Theories of Karl Pribram, David Bohm, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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Psychophysics of Tantra: The Doctrine of Vibration and The EMF Field Theory of Consciousness

Quantum Brain Dynamics (QBD), Consciousness, and the Fourier Transform

Tuning the Mind: Geometries of Consciousness –> Holonomic Brain Theory And The Implicate Order–_Holonomic_Brain_Theory_And_The_Implicate_Order

Hyperphysics: Indian Philosophy, Morphic Resonance, and the EMF Field Theory of Consciousness

Ervin László’s Holofield (The Akasha) and David Bohm’s Implicate Orderászlós_Holofield_The_Akasha_and_David_Bohms_Implicate_Order

Jung’s Model of the Psyche and Modern Science: Information Theory and the Spectrum of the Psyche

Consciousness: The Pribram-Bohm Hypothesis